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Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis
This is a critical part of determining what business resources are critical and how much to budget to protect these resources in the event of an emergency. Key components of a Business Impact Analysis are:

  • Functions - Understanding and protecting the critical functions of each department in your organization. Your business depends on these for to be fully operational.
  • Processes - Documenting how critical business functions are performed and what resources are needed to main them.
  • Resources - Determining which resources must be protected and deciding what to budget to protect them. Business resources include people, technology, and outside services, to name just a few.

Some Key Business Resources


Technology - Critical technology resources, such as IT systems and phone systems, need to be reviewed to determine their impact on business operations, should they fail.


Applications - Resources needed to maintain critical applications, such as Email and Accounting, are an important part of setting budgets and priorities.

People - Personnel responsible for keeping critical operations running must be part of the planning process. Keeping these key people in the planning loop is essential to create a viable BC/DR Plan.




Downtime Cost - The financial impact of each business operation must be analyzed. This will also help to set BC/DR Planning priorities and to determine the budget to allocate to protect these critical operations.

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