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Designing Resilient Business Systems

Upgrading, Building, or Moving a Network or Server Room?

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Our In-depth knowledge of Business Continuity Planning
ensures that your systems will be
Reliable and Resilient

    Critical Components of Business Technology includes:

  • Server room design
  • WAN communication systems
  • Phone systems
  • Backup systems and sites

    Planning and implementing resilient IT infrastructures includes:

  • Working with the client, design engineer, and architect on the requirements for power, A/C, server room design, and equipment layout
  • Working with general contractors, subcontractors, and vendors to oversee successful implementation of new server rooms, telco, and Internet circuit installation
  • Assisting clients with installation and testing of all telecom equipment, network equipment, and servers
  • Working with clients to set up redundant Internet service
  • Planning the migration of existing systems to a new site
  • Planning the integration and testing of new WAN connections for branch offices

What Makes a System Resilient?

is the ability to spring back from and successfully adapt to adversity. In the case of IT Systems, this means building systems that will not go down if equipment fails, communication links fail or power fails.

Building Redundancy Into the System is a critical part of resilience.
Some examples of how redundancy is used:

  • Servers with dual power supplies and mirrored hard drives
    Internet links with multiple connections
  • Applications - Critical applications and the resources needed to continue the operation of these applications is a major part of setting BC/DR Planning priorities.
  • People - Personnel responsible for keeping critical operations running require backup to take over during an emergency or illness. Keeping these key people in the planning loop is essential to create a viable BC/DR Plan.
  • Communications - Every office is linked to the outside world through communication service providers. The most common being the Internet and phone services. Selecting the best providers and creating the best solutions is critical for your business.

What Does Downtime Cost?

The impact on business

  • Affects client relationships
  • Creates litigation issues
  • Reduces employee moral

The cost of downtime is
 affected by many factors.
These include:

  • Time of day
  • What processes were affected
  • What resources were affected
  • The length of time

Creating Resilient Business & IT Solutions
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