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Secure Technology Group’s BC Planning Services

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Planning – Secure Technology Group uses a three phase approach to creating a comprehensive plan. We will help your business design, test, and document a plan that fits your organizations needs, priorities, and budget. Our approach starts with a Gap Analysis (comparison of current plan to ideal plan). more>>

disaster recovery specialist

Gap Analysis – We recommend first performing a Basic Gap Analysis. This analysis relies on information gathered from IT and upper management to create a Gap Analysis Report. Questionnaires are used to gather business and IT information.

If more information is needed to create a more accurate Gap Analysis Report, we recommend performing a Detailed Gap Analysis. The report is then created from information collected in a Risk Analysis and Business Impact Analysis. (see below)

disaster recovery specialist

Risk/Security Analysis This is an important first step because it gives us a picture of all critical issues that could put your business at risk. 


Business Impact Analysis (BIA) The BIA helps in determining what business resources are critical and how much to budget to protect these resources in the event of an emergency.

disaster recovery specialist

Virtual BC/DR Planning This convenient service is important for businesses that need help starting or completing a BC/DR plan. This unique service is especially suited for businesses that are not sure were they stand regarding BC/DR Planning. No long-term commitment is required to participate in this valuable service.

disaster recovery planning

Technology Solutions

Remote Access and Multi-Office Connectivity Solutions Businesses with Multiple offices or remote users can now be connected inexpensively with new technologies and high speed Internet access. Secure Technology Group has years of experience designing reliable and secure solutions.

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System Redundancy Solutions Setting up redundancy of all critical components in your network system is vital to ensure that business continues to run, even if a critical component fails. Critical components include- disk drives, servers, routers, power supplies and last but not least - Internet connectivity.

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Data Backup and Replication Backing up critical data is absolutely essential to ensure that it is not lost in the event of a major system failure. It could still require a day or more to restore to operational status. Replicating a system, whether locally or remotely, enables a quick restore to operational status. There are many approaches and options in designing both backup and replication solutions.

How We Keep

Your Business

Protected & Connected

Years of experience in business operations and technology planning ensures that Secure Technology Group has the skills and resources needed to help your business build a solid and workable BC Plan.

By performing an inexpensive Basic Gap Analysis we are able to pinpoint the steps needed to increase the resiliency of your business.

Preventing disruptions to your business operations is our primary focus. These disruptions can be the result of a wide range of scenarios.

New Virtual Technologies have added many new tools that can dramatically increase the resilience and flexibility of any business, large or small.

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