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Data Backup & Replication

Backup Systems - This is an essential part of any office system. There are a wide range of options and technologies available to protect your data. Some options are listed below:

  • Tape Backup - This is the most common and basic form of Backup. It uses a tape drive and backup software. Backup are generally performed at nightly and could be combinations on full or incremental. Tapes are stored on-site and off-site usually rotated.
  • Flash Drives - This compact inexpensive storage device can store a large amount of critical data. Some units provide password protection for the stored files.
  • Local Backup or Mirrored Servers - This solution can provide a quick restoration of operations should the primary data/email/SQL server fail. There are many way to implement this important option.
  • Remote Backup Servers - These are off-site servers that are kept up to date through the Internet using specialized replication software. In the event of a major disaster at the main office, users can continue to work on these server remotely or at a temporary backup site. The servers are usually located at a secure facility a safe distance from the main office. This solution is recommended for businesses that would have a high level of potential loss in a disaster. Potential loss can be estimated by using doing a Business Impact Analysis.

Replicated Systems - Replication takes backup an important step further. The process essentially creates a clone of the original system and keeps it updated with current data and ready to take over if the primary system fails. Servers can be replicated locally, to a remote site, or both. The switch-over to the secondary server can be manual or automatic.

The options to create replicated systems are many and more costly than standard backup, but the returns can more than justify the cost when a major failure occurs.


Data Replication

Local or Remote Backup approaches could use data replication hardware or software solutions with automatic fail-over to protect the business from disruptions if hardware fails.

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