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Gap Analysis

Not Sure What Risks Threaten Your Business or What Needs to be Done?

Gap Analysis: This is part of Phase I, and the purpose is to assess your current businesses preparedness to handle various disruptions and look at what areas need improvement to reduce risks.


Secure Technology Group is two levels of Gap Analysis - Basic and Detailed.

How does a Basic Gap Analysis work?

  1. Short questionnaires are sent to both the IT group and upper management. Each questionnaire has questions with a different focus on the business
  2. A Gap Analysis Report is created from the answers
  3. We review the report with key people and discuss any risks that would disrupt the business

How does a Detailed Gap Analysis work?

  1. Our BC Experts will work with upper management and IT staff members to perform a Risk Analysis and a Business Impact Analysis.
  2. Both of these procedures will provide information needed to determine budgets and priorities in planning to protect critical business resources
  3. A Gap Analysis Report is created from the information gathered


How will a Basic Gap Analysis Report Help Your Business?

The report will pinpoint areas of your Business Continuity Planning that are functional and others areas that put your business at risk. It includes recommendations to improve your business resiliency and lists them in order of importance.

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