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Virtual BC/DR Planning

Need Help Completing or Starting Your BC/DR Plan?

Not Sure What to Do Next?

Help is as close as your phone and computer. Our Virtual BC/DR Planning Service can help to get you started. You can talk to our experts about all aspects of your Plan. We will help you determine what resources are the most critical to your business and how to protect those resources.

Some Benefits are:

  • Convenient - set up times that work into your schedule
  • Affordable - only schedule the time needed to resolve your issues
  • Flexible - experts will help you create a plan that works for your business
  • Comprehensive - we can help with all aspects of your Plan

Virtual BC/DR Planning is a service that can get your business up and running with a viable plan to minimize disruptions or even save your business in a crisis. This affordable service is available on an as-needed basis. We act an a guide to ensure that the plan continues to evolve.

With our combined 40 years of experience we are able to bring many valuable resources and solutions to help your business move your plan ahead.

These are some of the resources we can bring to your business:

  • Emergency Notification Systems, both text and voice-based
  • Emergency website solutions to keep employees informed and coordinated
  • Backup phone systems and highly resilient primary phone systems
  • Remote data backup and hosting sites
  • Data replication solutions that fit your business’s needs
  • System redundancy solutions that will keep networks and communications up


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How Does it work?

Business Continuity Planning can now be done virtually by using the latest Virtual Web 2.0 technology to bring people together. Our approach includes:


  • One-on-One Video Interviews
  • On-line Collaborative documents
  • Multi-User Video Conferencing
  • Web-Based Presentations


The Virtual Business Continuity planning process is done in steps that cover the following processes:


We’ll review your critical business resources and make recommendations on how to protect these resources


We Can Help You Create a:
- Business Continuity Team
- Incident Management Plan
- Emergency website for employees
- Employee training programs
- Testing procedures


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